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Bringing Back New Orleans

Our film is a story about an American city like no other, New Orleans, and how its people found the spirit, strength, and the ability to rise up from complete and total devastation.

We feel that what happened before, during, and in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina needs to have a special place in the publics collective memory, so that it will never happen again, anywhere.

It is said that only by remembering, as a nation, and holding the city, state, and the federal government responsible for their actions, can a true rebuilding process begin.

The situation in New Orleans, post Hurricane Katrina, just may be the most important American story to tell in recent history.

Early in 2006 despite overwhelming odds the people of New Orleans were able to put on the 150th New Orleans Mardi Gras and continue their tradition.

The people of New Orleans chose to celebrate rather than surrender, they replaced images of refugees in boats with revelers on floats

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